Are we losing ourselves to Technology?


In this modern world, technology almost has taken over us. We are actually depended on it. Without technology, we will be completely shut down!

For example:

* In the old day, it would take a month or a few months to have your letter delivered to somewhere far away! But now a day, 2 seconds, you hit the button “send” then you have your mail delivered which is called “email”.

* In the old day, you wished to hear your lover’s voice whenever you weren’t with him but you couldn’t because it was impossible. But now a day, you can pick up the phone and call straight to say whatever you want to say.

Imagine if you don’t have your phone with you for a day, can you handle that? Or it would drive you nut when you don’t know or wonder who would be calling you? It’s kinda annoying…

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Reading Online

Pam Klainer's Day

I’ve subscribed to a new magazine, The American Scholar, completely online. By my choice, I will get no print copy at all. My first issue arrived in my inbox yesterday, and I’ve started reading. You turn the pages by clicking, and it looks as if you are turning pages the same way you do in the print version. The technology is pretty great.

Their are certain things I won’t be able to do, like putting the magazine under my coffee cup so I don’t leave a stain on the table. I can’t rip out an individual article and send it to a friend. I can’t circle a phrase or sentence or paragraph that I find especially intriguing.

But I can read when and where I want, on any of my three devices: my MacBookAir, Nexus 7, or Android phone. I don’t have piles of magazines stacking up waiting to…

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Crack the CIO Code

Preamble: some will read this and Imagewalk away thinking, mistakenly, that the focus is always on revenue. Actually, the really important takeaway is the mindset–look first at the “root” objectives of the company. This might be market share, increased customer satisfaction, etc. If you don’t get that perspective, stay as far away from the C-suite as humanly possible.

So, you want to be a technology leader, a CIO or CTO.

The Information Technology (IT) department is one of the most frustrating aspects of any modern enterprise. Resources are poured into technology as it becomes increasingly important to the core business. However, the results are often mixed or a complete disaster. Why? I’m about to help you crack the IT business code. What’s this code? Simple, a Chief Information or Technology Officer (CIO or CTO) with these three traits:

Success in business today requires an exceptional technical…

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Google Nexus 5: launching next month?


LG dropped heavy hints last week that it was working with Google on a new phone.

LG’s Nexus 4 has sold so well retailers have struggled to maintain supply
Speaking at the company’s press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Senior Vice President James Fisher claimed that the LG Nexus 4 is just “the first of many” products LG is working on with Google.

Google uses the Nexus line of smartphones and tablets to promote development of its products. It has worked with a range of manufacturers including HTC, LG and Samsung, although not yet Motorola, which it now owns. Previous rumours have also suggested that Google has discussed a Nexus device with Sony.

Fisher claimed, “Through our collaboration with Google, we launched the LG Nexus 4 smartphone. This is the first of many devices to come from our growing partnership with this…

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Brace yourself: new iPad 5, iPhone 5S could debut in April and August



Brace yourself: new iPad 5, iPhone 5S could debut in April and August
Apple apparently has a thing for the letter A

Before the iPhone 5 was even available to purchase, Apple users were already wondering just what the iPhone 5Swould be like.

What’s more, rumors of the iPhone 5S’ features and release date were bandied about almost as soon as the iPhone 5 fell last fall.

The same could be said of the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2, the next-gen successors to the iPad 4 and iPad mini, which were just released late last year.

According to new reports, the Apple faithful won’t have to wait much longer to get their hands on the latest iPads, though the wait for the next iPhone may be a bit longer.

April showers bring iPads?

Sources knowledgeable about Apple’s impending release date plans revealed to iMore that the iPad 5 and potentially the iPad mini 2 will be available in…

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Top 5 SmartPhones of 2013


As we enter 2013, we take the first few steps into a world that is almost entirely driven by smartphones. But most people are often overwhelmed when they walk into their service provider’s shop or an electronics store because there are so many smartphones to choose from!  We’ve condensed the list from the seemingly million smartphones in the world to the top five smartphones we’ve seen thus far going into 2013. You can pick and choose from different shapes, sizes and features, but really any of the phones from below are a smart choice for your new smartphone.


1. Apple iPhone 5

The Apple iPhone 5 is Apple’s most recently released touchscreen-based smartphone. The iPhone 5 has improved immensely, whether it be the slimmer structure, the lighter weight or the higher-resolution, the new iPhone 5 has it all.  The screen is even a whopping 4 inches wide with a…

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